About Seattle Early Dance:

"Seattle Early Dance performs with historical accuracy and, more importantly, with amazing elegance and professionalism. The effect is one of dazzling brilliance."
Jillon Stoppels Dupree, Co-Artistic Director, Gallery Concerts.

"Anna Mansbridge has created a truly original and compelling ensemble in Seattle Early Dance that redefines authenticity in period performances. Their performances are visual masterpieces that border on the hypnotic. Seattle Early Dance is winning new audiences to the world of period dance."
August Denhard, Executive Director, Early Music Guild.

About Anna Mansbridge:

"Anna Mansbridge is an outstanding teacher. We literally danced our way into history."
Allyson Kramer, Director Vivace! Chamber Players

Anna Mansbridge directed the opera, La Dori June 2009. Read the Seattle Times review.

About Venus & Adonis, Feb 14, 2005

"One of the most persuasive parts of the evening was the dancing, in period style, choreographed by Anna Mansbridge."

Read the full Seattle Post-Intelligencer review.

"Dance was a major part of court entertainment, and Anna Mansbridge's Seattle Early Dance will provide the "Venus and Adonis" dances (as they did in the first baroque opera presentation in 2002)... Although none of the choreographic notation from the 17th-century "Venus" performances survives, Mansbridge has researched a variety of elements that contribute to this production, including a 1588 treatise by Thoinot Arbeau, early dance manuals and even paintings (such as Botticelli's "Primavera," with its depiction of the Three Graces). There will be a Huntsmen's Dance, complete with huntsmen's blunderbusses. Four dancing children will represent cupids; the Graces have what Mansbridge calls "a lovely Sarabande" (a stately, slow-tempo dance)... Explains Mansbridge: ' This is how dance was done in that time, as part of an opera. It is so wonderful to be able to present it this way. ' "

Read the full Seattle Times preview.