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Baroque Basics: An introduction to the dance and the music of the Baroque Period - a DVD directed by Anna Mansbridge.

DVD cover Have you ever wondered how to do a minuet step? Or how the step fits with the music? When Bach and Handel were composing, what kinds of steps were being performed to bourées, gavottes and sarabandes? To answer these and other questions, this instructional DVD teaches you some of the fundamental steps of the Baroque dance technique.

Developed during the reign of Louis XIV of France, Baroque dance had a symbiotic relationship with the music. Experimentations in music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer for Louis XIV, were matched by daring innovations in dance technique. Dancing was an essential part of glittering court life, reflected by the proliferation of dance notations that circulated throughout Europe during the early eighteenth century.

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Running Time: 78 minutes.
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